Brief Overview

Educate ME Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization determined to increase the number of men and women of color in the field of education. We seek to change the education system by creating a continuum for men and women of color to grow, achieve, and succeed from high school to career. Through recruitment in high school Educate ME Foundation inspires interest and exposure to pursuing a career in education. Through mentorship we develop and assist our cohort of students in college. We retain and provide resources after graduation and into career. Motivating these men and women to further their education and seek leadership roles to transform classrooms, schools, districts, and their communities.

The Educate Me Continuum

To increase more males and females of color in the field of education.



By recruiting motivated students of color in high school who are interested in pursuing a career in education, we create a cohort of students who learn, motivate, and achieve together on the path towards college and beyond.



For both our cohort of high school and college students as well as individuals already working in the field of education, Educate Me Foundation conducts trainings, workshops, and professional mentorship to these current and aspiring educators.



Educate ME Foundation provides support and professional development services to maintain our college students on the path towards a career in the education profession as well as preserving current educators in the field.



Through teacher mentorship, partnerships, and professional placement Educate Me Foundation strives to inspire our current educators to encourage and empower the next generation of educators of color. Sparking the continuum to begin again.


Blake Nathan

Founder and CEO


Brittany Stephens




Letter from our founder