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The Educate ME College Tour provides cultural and educational experiences that inspire students to examine concerns and personal interests during their college selection process. On each campus students are given the opportunity to walk through academic, residential, athletic, and administrative buildings. In addition, students interact and engage with faculty, staff, administrators, and currently enrolled students. The College Tour’s goal is to make sure each young person who participates walks away with motivation and encouragement to continue their education in institutions of higher learning.

"If you don't respect nothing else,
you will respect the hustle."-T.I.
Thank you T.I.

For your donation to the Educate Me Foundation for our college tour. Your donation will help impact over 300 students in Atlanta, GA, Indianapolis, IN, and Nashville, TN.

parallax background

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An interactive event developed to connect and engage leaders in education with politicians, local business owners, activists, and the community in conversation and discussion. This event seeks to bring people together to examine the key issues impacting urban schools and the community. Participants leave feeling inspired, excited and refocused on the mission.

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