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The Educate ME College Tour provides cultural and educational experiences that inspire students to examine concerns and personal interests during their college selection process. On each campus students are given the opportunity to walk through academic, residential, athletic, and administrative buildings. In addition, students interact and engage with faculty, staff, administrators, and currently enrolled students. The College Tour’s goal is to make sure each young person who participates walks away with motivation and encouragement to continue their education in institutions of higher learning.


Education Day at the U

Are you a high school sophomore or junior aspiring to major in education?

Join us at Education Day at the U at Purdue University

The Educate ME Teacher’s Combine is geared to providing prospective Indianapolis Teacher Candidates with a firsthand experience of Indianapolis, IN as a potential place to live, grow professionally, and network. This event will allow candidates to visit traditional public schools, township schools, and charter schools to gain a perspective of Indianapolis, IN educational landscape. Additionally, candidates will be able to participate in a recruitment fair, interview with school administrators, and have an opportunity to deliver a mini lesson plan.

May 15th-18th • Indianapolis, IN


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An interactive event developed to connect and engage leaders in education with politicians, local business owners, activists, and the community in conversation and discussion. This event seeks to bring people together to examine the key issues impacting urban schools and the community. Participants leave feeling inspired, excited and refocused on the mission.

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An annual ceremony to celebrate and acknowledge all of the unsung heroes in the field of education. Awardees are dedicated educators who foster change and development for our urban youth. This is the Foundation’s way of saying thank you to them who have made positive impacts on students, schools, and the community.

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The Educate US Tour Summer Camps are geared to developing the holistic student. The Educate US Tours, are week long summer camps, which is an extension of our college tours. Our camps will focus on six following areas: Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Health, Leadership, Self Identity, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). We classify our summer camp as a tour is due to our camp counselors, coordinators, and directors traveling to HBCUs across the nation to offer these courses for students that attend high schools around the local university.