Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about the Educate Me College Tour, or if you need support, please email us.

1How will the students be traveling?
Students are transported on a 55-56 passenger motor coach charter bus.
2How many students are there per room?
We house 4 students per room.
3How much spending money should my child bring?
We suggest that parents or guardians provide no more then $150-$200. Our college tours include all meals, college visits, hotel accommodations, travel, and entry into events. Students are allowed to purchase items from campus book stores, which most students buy university paraphernalia.
4Is the deposit or full payment made on the trip refundable?
$100 Security Deposit is non-refundable, non- extendable, non-sharable, and non-transferable. Prior to 60 days from departure (February 5, 2020 - 60 day cut off) for April 8, 2020 (tour departure), the payee may be refunded amount paid minus security deposit. Any payments that are made after February 5, 2020 are non-refundable, non- extendable, non-sharable, and non-transferable to other persons.
5Can my child wear anything outside of the provided college tour t-shirts?
Your student will receive a college tour t-shirt to wear for each day we visit a campus. Students are allowed to change into personal clothing items once directed by chaperones, which is usually for dinner and special events.
6Are middle schoolers allowed to go on the trip?
Our tours are open to middle school students, but is up to the discretion of Educate ME and student parents.
7Are students allowed to make roommate requests?
8Is there wifi and power outlets on the bus?
9Does the package include daily meals for my child?
Yes, the hotel provides breakfast, we eat lunch in the university cafeteria, and we provide a dinner stipend.
10Can I, as a parent, attend the tour with my child as a chaperone?
Yes, but the cost of the trip will slightly more due to rooming assignment.
11Who are the chaperones? Will we meet them before the tour?
Our chaperones are mostly current educators or youth group coordinators. We host a few community parent meetings to allow parents and guardians to meet all college tour chaperones.
12Does the total amount need to be paid in one installment?
No, we have a payment schedule to make it easier for parents to pay for our tours.
13What if I miss a payment due date? Will my child be prohibited from participating in the Tour?
No, initial deposit secures your student spot, but if a skip payment is not made with the next payment date then student spot will be released.
14My child has special needs/conditions; can they still be apart of the Tour?
Yes, please fill out medical information in the space provided on the application.
15Will parents be given the contact information for each chaperone?
16I do not own a bank card. Can I write a check, pay with a money order, pay cash?
Unfortunately, all payments need to made via our website.